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EFL/ESL school: eLearning asynchronous solution

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Needs Analysis & Case Study

This particular course was designed on behalf of Vassalou Tsakalaki School of Foreign Languages, to fullfil the needs of their EFL teachers & students who needed a solution for distance learning due to the COVID19 restrictions. The school had already been using a LMS for its students so the needs analysis that was conducted concluded to the assumption that there was an urgency to provide distance learning courses that ould be updated by the school's teachers regularly, without the need for outsourcing an eLearning developer. So instead of one-time courses they wanted courses that could be enhanced whenever needed, mirroring a traditional class, and at the same time keeping the cost low. This meant that pricy authoring tools could not be used. 

So the solution to the needs analysis involved two parts:

  1. Creation of the framework and the layout for the course using free or cheap software tools. 
  2. Training of the school's teachers in elearning development in order to educate them on how to develop their own activities using free authoring tools and how these products of development could then be uploaded to the school's LMS (Moodle), which meant that extra training had to be done in course management. Besides, the training process also focused on instructional design principles based on the particular needs of the school's students and their demands.


First the development of the project had to be done. This included using custom plugins as well as coding to create Bootstrap elements that would make the course look and feel better. Then the teachers of the course were assigned and given their custom roles which included the creation of the activities but in a limited way as to not interact with the course's layout in order to prevent potentially fatal mistakes.Next, the gradebook was set up as well as the gamification elements in order to improve student enagement and commitment. After that, 4 series of webinars were conducted in order to train the teachers on how to use the course and how to create their own assignments. Finally the course was optimised to work seamlessly not only on PCs but also on mobile devices.


This is how the final product looks like. You can click on the images to see their respective videos. 

 Course Layout   Course general layout  
Exercise Type: Interactive Video  Interactive Exercise video Exercise Type: Fill in the gaps video4
Exercise Type: Match the pictures  video3 Exercise Type: Listening  video5
Exercise Type: Writting assignment video6  Student's Gradebook  
Point System & Leaderboards  video9 Exercise Type: Multiple Choice  4
Progress Checkboard  7 Exercise Type: Find the words from the grid 2



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