Using 3D Models in ELearning #347

This elearning heroes challenge is about sharing an example that uses 3D models. To help you with the task I'm also including the .story file

How to help SMEs develop content

How can SMEs help you develop the learning content?

By helping SMEs develop content, you do yourself a favour. But how can you effectively help them? What to ask for and what to suggest?

Mayer's Multimedia Learning principles

Multimedia Learning principles: how to apply them

Read about Mayer's Multimedia Learning Principles to enhance the quality of your eLearning products and make your creations stand out

Interactive Job Aid in E-Learning #343

See how I created my interactive job aid for the eLearning heroes challenge #343

eLearning branching scenario. How to write one?

Developing an eLearning branching scenario is not an easy task as It requires planning. In this article lie the steps you need to take to create one.

How to develop educational material in 9 steps?

Does your learning material work? Following these 9 steps, you will be able to create educational material of high quality

Using Drop-Down Menus in E-Learning #328

Using Drop-Down Menus in E-Learning #328

This week, your challenge is to share an example of a drop-down, fly-out, or pop-up menu effect in e-learning.

Branching scenario in eLearning- ELC Challenge #325

In this elearning challenge, the task is to showcase a of branching scenario. The learner controls the action based on his/her choices

Tabs interactions in e-learning

Designing Tabs Interactions in E-Learning #320

Tabs in e-learning make it easy to break down content into smaller, meaningful sections. For this elearning challenge I created a webquest.

Using the Jump-to-Time Trigger in Storyline 360 #318

In this challenge of the elearning heroes community our task was to show how to use the Jump-to-Time Trigger in Storyline 360