How are Course Designers Using Number Variables in E-Learning #301

This week the challenge that was set for the eLearning Heroes community was to share an example that demonstrates how number variables can be used in eLearning

Creating Interactive Documents with Sliders in E-Learning #300

This week's e-Learning heroes challenge was to show how sliders can be used to create interactive documents or instruction manuals.

What is an instructional designer and how to become one?

What is an Instructional Designer? An Instructional Designer (ID) develops learning material for schools, organizations and business.

4 essential Moodle plugins to make your course look great

With almost two thousand Moodle plugins out there, which are the best ones that a course creator should include in his/her courses to make them look great?

Kirkpatrick Model of evaluating Teacher Training programs

How Kirkpatrick Model of evaluating Training can benefit schools and organizations that undertake teacher training programs?

How to Notify Learners When to Click the Next Button in E-Learning #293

This week, the elearhing heroes challenge is to share ideas for notifying learners when it’s time to click navigation buttons in elearning. – An out of the box approach on ePortfolios

Teventio. Inspire. Get inspired. Teventio is more than a simple browser-based platform that hosts ePortfolios.

vr's impact in education

What is the impact of Virtual Reality in Education?

How Virtual Reality, VR, can benefit students engagement and understanding and what is its wider impact on Education? 

a group of adult learners

Key principles to consider when designing eLearning courses

Are you planning to continue teaching online ? If so, are you aware of the key principles to consider when designing eLearning courses?

How to be prepared for online teaching and overcome its difficulties

Difficulties in online teaching can be sorted into 3 categories. Are you aware of them? How can you overcome them?