Using Tabs Interactions in E-Learning #272

Tabs interactions are one of the most common interactions in e-learning. They’re super flexible and come in all shapes, sizes, and designs.

Using True/False Variables in eLearning #271

This week, our elearning heroes challenge is to share an example that demonstrates how true/false variables can be used in eLearning.

an hologram of a man thinking

What is Holoportation and why it is the next big thing in education

Holoportation enables the user to see, hear and interact with remote participants, in 3d (holograms), as if they are actually present.

Courseduck: A search engine for online courses!

CourseDuck is a website meant to help users search and compare courses offered by various institutions and organizations.

Live your eLearning myths in Greece of 2020

How many of the myths mentioned in this article do you encounter in schools or organizations that offer eLearning programs in Greece?

Tooltips as Microinteractions in eLearning #265

This week’s elearning Heroes challenge is about Using Tooltips as Microinteractions in eLearning. View my example and get inspiration

project based learning

What is Project-based Learning (PBL) ?

Project-based learning contrasts with traditional teaching since it doesn’t portray a linear path but instead poses questions and problems.

What is Informal learning? Can it be applied to an eLearning environment?

What is informal learning? Is it connected with eLearning? How can Informal Learning be applied to eLearning scenarios?

Edtech comes from the words Educational Technology

Why educational technology has been failing?

Why Educational Technology hasn't lived up to people's expectations? Why are people still reluctant to use it? What are some common issues?

a man using a tablet

How to make the most out of your SCORM package into Moodle

You have made your SCORM course, and it actually looks really nice. Will it look the same when you import it into Moodle?