The tpack circle

What is TPACK and how is it crucial for modern educators?

What is the TPACK model? Do modern educators evolve by taking into consideration this way of development?

classcraft logo

Classcraft: bring magic into the classroom

Classcraft transforms school by taking the video game mechanics that provide rich and interesting play experiences and applying them to the classroom setting.

a girl holding balloons, with the Quizziz at her side

Quizizz: Is it just an alternative to Kahoot or is it something more?

Create a fun classroom atmosphere by transforming into a quiz show, using Quizizz, an extraordinary and useful app for you and your students.

This war of mine screenshot 2

This war of mine : a commercial but serious game

This war of mine : A commercial video game that can be used not only for fun but also for educational purposes.

Minecraft – when a famous game meets education

Minecraft. Not just a game, but a collaborative platform that teachers can use to enhance learning.

The logo of Vocaroo

Vocaroo : Help students improve their pronunciation

Vocaroo is an easy, free service that teachers and students can use to create audio recordings. You don't even have to create an account to use Vocaroo. All you need is a…

Picture showing people playing with Kahoot

Kahoot! : One of the best students’ response systems

Kahoot! combines beautiful graphical representations and sounds, turns the classroom into a playroom, with the teacher being the “show” coordinator and the students to be the…