Class Dojo is a student behavioral management system that is used by 35 million users worldwide according to the app’s developers.

How does Class Dojo work?

Initially, after signing up at the Class Dojo, the teacher creates his / her digital class by simply entering the names of the. Students then download the application to their mobile devices and register in their digital class easily via a QR code that has been given to them.

Students earn or lose “Dojo points” depending on how they behave in the classroom. These points vary according to the type of the behaviour and are predefined by the teacher. For example students can earn points if they are being kind to their classmates and loose points if they miss the homework’s deadline. Particularly useful is the recording of the pupils’ overall behavioral progress throughout the year, as it is not limited to a single lesson.

A pretty useful feature is that teachers can assign activities to learners. Those activities can be also registered in a student-portfolio that follows the users throughout their learning pathway.

Extraversion and communication with parents

Class Dojo enables teachers to inform parents about the progress of children as well as notify them about various events that occur in the classroom. This way a connection between school and home is fostered, implicitly involving parents, even those who are busy but still want to be regularly informed about the progress of their children.


The main purpose of the application is to allow the teacher to effectively manage his/her class. In addition Class Dojo attempts to instill a positive way of behaving to students which will eventually turn them into responsible and caring citizens.

Technical Specifications

The application is completely free to use and is available for both Android and iOS devices as well as PCs on MAC or Windows.

Educational background

Class Dojo is a behavioral tool that focuses on shaping classroom behavior and aims on positive reinforcement to receive points as a reward. Through deduction of the points, students realize the penalties of negative behavior, giving them a deterrent effect. Encouraging positive feedback is therefore intended to inspire students to participate in lessons and to focus specifically on learning and not to disturb the learning environment. This further promotes active learning and the elimination of low-level disorders.

If you wish to try the Class Dojo you can visit its official website here and easily create your own digital classes.