This week’s challenge set for the e-learning heroes community was to sharean example that demonstrates how lightbox slides can be used in e-learning courses.
I personally love lightboxes, since they help me to not overwhelm a slide with information and make it more appealing. Allthough Storyline already uses such a feature and works great, I tend to create my own lightboxes since I can customise them the way I like based on the course I am developing.

Lightbox slides give course designers an elegant solution for presenting learners with important resources without leaving the current slide. Some of the most common use cases for lightbox slides include:

  • Job aids and handouts
  • Tables of contents and menu navigation
  • Extended resources and reading lists
  • Video how-tos and other types of media

If you want to quickly add lightboxes in your Storyline projects all you have to do is follow this 3 steps:

  1. On the main slide that you are going to use the lightbox, add a button that uses the following property.
    • Action: Lightbox slide
    • Slide: Select the slide you want to lightbox. Leave it empty for now
    • When: User clicks
    • Object: Select the button that launches the lightbox.
    • Use navigation controls: Mark this box if you want to display previous and next buttons on the lightboxed slide(s)
  2. Create the lightbox slide, just after your main slide. 
  3. Return back to the main slide that hosts the button for the lightbox. Change the Slide variable to your lightbox slide

You are good to go