Unique approach

Based on clients' needs, I use user-centric, instructional design methodologies and visual designing principles. My end-to-end services provide full customized elearning solutions, including LMS implementation and mobile devices compatibility. What differentiates my approach is not only the engaging result but also the application of the right pedagogical & learning theories into the final product. See samples of my eLearning Portfolio to find out more.

Custom solution

I create meaningful, taylor-made, effective experiences that match every organisation's needs, either academic or coorporate.

Gamified approach

My projects use gamification techniques to improve engagement immersion and interactivity.

Mobile learning

The products I bring to life are desktop & mobile compatible, using micro-learning design and development, to match GenZ's needs.

Video & Animation

My projects stand out due to the implementation of eye-catching videos and animations that draw the learners' interest.

eLearning Development 100%
Instructional Design 90%
UI/UX 70%
Video Animation 85%
Image editing 75%