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Everyone loves classic TV shows that put us into the shoes of the players, creating empathy towards him/her. Games are always fun, especially those who provide rewards, either intrinsicor extrinsic. In this classical Who wants to be a millionare game, the user is asked a series of questions , in my particular example EFL/ESL ones, and the goal is to collect as much money as possible by answering as many questions as possible.

Don’t dispair though becuase you are not alone. Three types of helps are available for the user, and custom confirmation screens were made, to make the experience look as realistic as possible.

Be careful. If you answer even a single question incorrectly the game is over, and your pockets will be empty of money!

I was deeply inspired by Mike Ruznak’s PowerPoint game which can be downloaded here, as well as other wonderful powerpoint games.

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