A series of eLearning courses  that was made on a behalf of QLS and their innovative, award-winning, educational approach “JUMP”. 

The series of courses is tailored-made according to the particular needs of the client who wanted an attractive and gamified way to present the content. The graphical representations match the learners’ age and needs. Besides, due to the fact that learners belong to GenZ, a micro-learning approach was decided, in order to maintain their concentration to a high level. In addition, to further engage the learners, every mini course, besides the knowledge includes a mini game. Finally every single object that was developed, was then incorporated into the organization’s LMS.

It is worth mentioning that the Jump project won the Bronze Award at the Education Leader Awards, held in Athens in 2019. 

You may view two examples of the courses, each including a game, by clicking the buttons on the right

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