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Euroinvestment project aims at designing, testing and providing a game specifically tailored and addressed to low qualified adults, fostering their knowledge and competences in key competences of financial literacy such as: compound interest and risk diversification, exploration of vulnerability and influence in the credit, savings and investments, among others.

A series of interactive games wqas developed focusing on the main needs of the consortium countries regarding low-skilled adults in financial literacy. The games are used as a tool in training programmes for adults citizens about financial education.

The Euroinvestment game consists of 15 mini-games about financial management which are divided into the following areas: Planning & Managing, Money & Transactions and Risk & Credit. By playing the mini-games you will be able to improve your literacy levels about finances and managing of your income and expenses literate, make better saving and borrowing decisions, be more likely to plan for retirement and hold more diverse assets in your balance sheet.

HOW TO PLAY: You can browse the list of the games per category. At the beginning of each game, you will find a walkthrough tutorial. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet and that your computer audio works properly. Further, you can take each mini-game as much as you want. Taking each game more than once can help you to consolidate your knowledge and understanding of the most relevant concepts and how to use them into your daily life.

LEARNING PROCESS: The mini-games have different levels of complexity, aligned with the topics presented, from beginner to intermediate and expert. The games about Planning & Managing address the beginner level and so have a lower complexity level and we recommend you to start from there. Even if you are familiar with some of the topics presented at that level, you will be able to remember concepts and put them into practice. On the contrary, the games about Risk & Credit demand from the users and learners some command of financial concepts.


The main activities of Euroinvestment project consist of:

  • Strategic plan for financial education of low-skilled adults in Europe – report on the gaps and needs on financial education for low-skilled adults in the consortium countries, based on the European and National Frameworks developed within this theme;
  • Euroinvestment model game – fun, interactive and didactic game that will respond to the needs and gaps identified, as well as an online platform to host the game and the project’s main results and achievements;

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