The importance of ePortfolios

As e-portfolios become a more formal part of assessment, many institutions are looking to standardize on one platform campuswide. An e-portfolio is a collection of electronic evidence assembled and managed by a user and may include text, files, images, multimedia, blog entries, links, etc. It is maintained online over time, demonstrating the user’s abilities and serves as a platform for self-expression. This can be extremely beneficial for people who have to showcase their work, such as graphic designers, programmers, developers, teachers or even academic institutions.

How to create one?

People who own websites often host their ePortfolios on them. They create the graphics, upload the pictures, maybe even write some code and the ePortfolio is ready. But what happens if you don’t know how to create your own website or you can afford the cost of maintaining one? Fortunately, there are some websites over the Internet that offer you a chance to host your ePortfolio but there is a major drawback.Existing ePortfolio solutions are either being self-hosted and isolated or using outdated technologies and lacking basic modern functionalities. This is where comes in.

What is about? is not just a browser-based platform that hosts ePortfolios. It is a modern platform equipped with networking and collaboration tools meant for learners and tutors in all levels of Education, for professionals, for organisations, for institutions and businesses. What I find extremely interesting is that it combines many affordances in one place.  Amongst many other things, you can have:
  • ePortfolios
    Your own ePortfolios as an online interactive composition of creative elements, text, files, images, multimedia, blog entries, links, chart data map entries

  • Discover & Engage

    Get inspired discovering fresh ideas & creations from users’ e-Portfolios, posts, articles, updates and intriguing ideas they wish to share.

  • CollaborationCollaborate with other Users, or even Institutions, on your e-Portfolio or join groups to exchange ideas with them.
  • Publishing
    Publish and share your articles, your thesis or your latest research in your field.
  • Interactive CVs
    Present your unique life story bio as an interactive CV and create different views to fit the recipient’s field of interest.
  • Courses
    Discover Courses from both Verified Educational Institutions and our Partners.
  • Institutions
    Discover Educational Institutions in your region or worldwide and find out more about their programmes, facilities etc.
  • Personal Website
    Your customised website presentation with your custom domain is automatically fed with your own life story, posts & articles from your profile. No code required, no website or hosting costs!
  • Verified Connections
    Every connection in among Students, Educational Institutions, Professionals, Businesses, Certification issuers etc. can be verified, proving the authenticity of the information that exists on platform.

Support is at the moment at a development stage on a crowdfunding campaign. According to its developers the final version would include both a free and a pro edition that one could use. If you find the idea behind it interesting why don’t you visit their website and find out more? 

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