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What is VR's impact on education?
How VR can benefit students and what is its wider impact on Education
What is Holoportation and why it is the next big thing in education
Holoporation is a combination of the words "hologram" and "teleportation". Holoportation enables the user to see, hear and interact with remote participants, in 3d (holograms), as if they are actually present in the same physical space (teleportation)
ΙmmerseMe uses Virtual Reality to simulate everyday conversations in foreign languages. Those real-life scenarios and pseudo-interactions make this application really stand out.
Google Expeditions
Bring students to the amazing places of the world through virtual reality
Language VR  (Virtual Speech)
Practice what language learning in realistic VR training scenarios.
A VR application that focuses on speech recognition to help you learn new languages
The 1st Language Application which thanks to 360 panoramas allows to learn from the context. It's totally new, intuitive learning.
Virtual Reality in the EFL Classroom: Educational Affordances and Students' Perceptions in Cyprus
Quantitative research that explores the educational affordances of Virtual Reality systems as a supportive tool for teaching English as a foreign language