Wakelet is a free, user-friendly web platform that allows you to save links, social media posts, videos, images and text. Wakelet is highly recommended for lesson planning, research, group projects, assignments and more. In this article you will also be presented with optimal ways of using Wakelet.


Wakelet is a tool that helps people to manage their digital items in a single online library. What makes this useful browser-based application so special is that those items can  later be organized and reviewed into private or public collections.

How Wakelet works

Wakelet is a tool that allows users to save and organize their content in folders. Various configurations and a customizable interface are provided, such as title selection, cover image upload, layout settings and more. It also gives the creator the ability to customize the privacy of each collection created and make it either private or public.

Suggested way to use Wakelet. Option #1 – Your Digital Library

The most valuable option that Wakelet offers is that the teacher can create a sub-collection inside a collection. This way the educational material is organized more efficiently There are multiple multimedia options to choose from, while uploading the educational material. For example, the teacher can add text, paste URLs, upload YouTube links, insert tweets, add bookmarks, upload images and PDFs etc.

Suggested way to use Wakelet. Option #2 – Collaboration tool

The other suggested method of using this app is as a tool for collaboration between teachers and their classroom. After the digital material has been uploaded and the collection is created, students can access it and view the material.

Students can simply signup to Wakelet by creating an account, if they are above 13. Otherwise, there is another solution, using a web link provided by their teacher. This way they can  contribute to the collection without having an account.

They add information according to the instructions given to them for the purpose of the lesson. They can also collaborate to create a portfolio or to take part into a research assigned to them. The users can  insert text and other features such as images, hyperlinks, videos and URLs to enhance their content.

Steps to set up your account and first collection

Wakelet is really easy to use, as it does not require any special knowledge or technical skills. The steps to setup your own wakelet account are described below.

Initially the teacher signs up using his/her personal email and a password. Alternatively you can sign up using Microsoft, Google, Apple or Facebook accounts

After the account creation step, the teacher enters the interface. There, his/her first collection can be created by simply clicking the “Create a new collection” button.

Next, a title should be given for the collection. The tutor can add as many items as one wants, change the layout, customize the cover and background images and share it with whoever deems fit.

Now that everything is set, you can upload items to your collection. These items vary from images and videos to urls and simple text.


Technological tools such as Wakelet, promote communication and collaboration between students and teachers. When Wakelet is used as a digital library, it enables teachers to store their digital resources in one place with immediate access on it. When it is used as a means to reinforce students’ engagement and collaboration, it sparks their creativity and imagination through the multiple possibilities provided. Overall, its features make Wakelet a worth mentioning solution, as it allows users to share their content and knowledge in a unique way. You can find Wakelet here

Original article edited by Theodosis Karageorgakis