Nowadays, teachers and professionals in the field of education are looking for ways to create their own videos. A large list of software is available in the market allowing the creation of beautifully animated videos. The question arises: How can one choose from this wide range of software, the one that fits his/ her needs? Eventually the question arises: Which is the best video making software out there?

Let’s start from scratch. Videos, and especially cartoon-like videos  are extremely appealing.

Theoretical background

People love stories. The best way to create appealing stories is with explanatory animated videos. Imagine how focused children are when they watch cartoons on TV or even in the classroom. It is much more interesting to see characters flying, appearing out of nowhere, talking and moving. The video is way more engaging when the background changes in each scene and the story unfolds. This is something that cannot happen with just text or still images. In fact, animated videos are fun as they remind us of our childhood. Because of this correlation, they make the message that the creator wants to communicate much more digestible, compared to any article or lecture. Through enjoyable animated stories, abstract concepts can be easily understood, without much effort. Since 2015, I have worked on various video creation platforms & tools but I felt that something was always missing. From difficult-to-master Adobe After Effects to browser-based solutions, like the easy-to-use but expensive Vyond or the cheap but limited in options, Plotagon, I couldn’t find a solution that would work for everyone. Then, I suddenly came across CreateStudio.

CreateStudio. One of the best video making software.

CreateStudio is not only a new entry in video making software’s list, but also the most complete of the ones mentioned previously. It provides a wide range of scenes, characters and features and all these at an extremely affordable price. To see some of its potential, take a look at this video I’ve made using CreateStudio or even this eLearning game

At first glance, it looks like other video creation (Adobe After Effects) and editing programs (Adobe Premier, Sony Vegas, Techsmith Camtasia). What makes it a great choice though, is its huge characters, scenes, objects and pre-created effects of movements and transitions library.

Using CreateStudio

CreateStudio is not a browser-based application and requires installation on your PC, in order to operate. The software is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers.

CreateStudio’s interface

For those who have used even the simplest video editing programs, CreateStudio’s interface will seem very familiar.

At the bottom left of the interface, exist the video’s timeline, in which the video extends. At the top middle of is the video editing screen while the various scenes are found at the bottom left side of the app’s interface. Finally, the various items available to the user are at the top left side of the screen.

Video creation steps

To begin with, first select the scene you will be working on. This can be a pre-made scene, offered by the app itself or alternatively you can create / import your own. The variety of pre-made scenes is quite extensive, either in two or three dimensions (2D & 3D).Then you can add the various objects and enrich your creation with effects, movements and sounds. More specifically, CreateStudio offers some features that make it a win-win option over similar video creation applications, such as Powtoon, Vyond, Toonly and Plotagon. Some of these features are:

What makes CreateStudio stand out?

One of the most impressive CreateStudio’s elements that immediately won me over was the 3D characters and 3D scenes available. From lumberjacks to plumbers and from teachers to video game streamers, the user can choose from a wide range of professions and people. Another remarkable feature is the numerous movement options that each character has, which can magnetize the viewer. Finally, another point to be mentioned is the user’s ability to customize the color shades of specific objects and characters.

Besides the animation effects for each character, both 2D and 3D, there are also pre-created effects for the various objects and scenes. Easing, dragging, dropping, movements are just some of the pre-made effects, while in fact the user can create his/her own as well, to fulfil even the most demanding needs.

A number of objects and shapes are also available to enhance the already large library that the user has. Whether two-dimensional or three-dimensional, or even emojis are present to enrich the videos and offer a unique viewing experience. It is worth the possibility to insert masks to certain objects and create even more astonishing effects.

Another great feature provided by CreateStudio is the ability to control the viewing camera. Through it, the user, without getting involved in complicated animations, can move the video’s main camera and zoom in specific parts. Thus, the user can create really impressive animations, satisfying even the most demanding mindset.

Unlike other similar applications that don’t offer text-to-speech option or require you to buy a really expensive upgrade to do so, CreateStudio has a built-in text-to-voice tool with a wide range of different languages and accents.

All in all, the process is completed by exporting the video. Remarkable is also the fact that one can export his/her video with a transparent background, a feature especially useful in case you want to insert specific scenes or characters in other software.


Animated stories and videos in Education is not something new, yet still remains a powerful tool. The reason is that the viewer can more easily understand difficult or abstract concepts, creating a strong correlation with the subject and consequently easier retrieval of the information he/she saw in the video. For this purpose, a wide range of animation software is offered for purchase. But which one to choose, since there are so many? Which is the best animation software for teachers and educators? In our opinion, CreateStudio is the answer to this question. It is currently the most complete choice in video making software. With many customization options, a wide range of objects and scenes and an attractive price, it is probably the best option out there. If you want to buy CreateStudio click on the affiliated link. Instead of $ 197, you can find it at the premium price of $67. In addition, through this link you can buy the PRO media package at the premium price of $ 247. Besides, if you buy CreateStudio by clicking this link, apart from the lowest-price offer, you’ll also help this page to pay its bills 😉