Lately I came across a website called Courseduck. It is certainly something that I haven’t seen before and immediately draw my attention, so I started digging into it.

CourseDuck is a website meant to help users search and compare courses offered by various institutions and organizations like Udemy, edX, Coursera, etc. Simply put, Courseduck is a search engine for online courses.

So, what you will get if you visit this search engine? Obviously you can find the website that hosts the particular courses you are interested in. Besides there are lots of information gathered together. Some of the most notable include the duration of the course, its level, the language of the content, a short description, its Pros and Cons as well as details about the instructor who teaches the course.

What I liked the most is that users who have undertaken a course can review it so others may benefit from their report. To extra secure that, Courseduck claims that it doesn’t accept offers from content providers to alter the results or change the reviews, a practice called “Ducktegridy”.

Finally, it should be mentioned that courses can also be filtered and categorized based on the topic of the content. For example one may found instantly a sorted list of courses regarding various subjects such as Machine learning , Google analyticsAndroid development, etc. Unfortunately, the courses found are mainly about topics that have to do with computer software, marketing and programming since I wasn’t able to find courses of other types searched like EFL or History.

All in all, Courseduck is a very useful website for a professional who would like to find online courses instantly without having to navigate in multiple websites in order to find what interests him/her. You can visit Courseduck’s official website here and see for yourself