Challenge of the Week

This week, our challenge is to design a navigation menu for use on a mobile phone or tablet. My entry is designed to run on a mobile device flawlessly. Since Halloween is upon us, I decided that something about this festivity should be the challenge’s theme. What better way to introduce Halloween other than a game?

Details about the challenge

These days, there’s so much we do on mobile devices—from productivity tasks like email and scheduling, to social media, and even to doing tasks once relegated to a desktop or laptop, such as creating and editing documents or presentations. The phenomenal capabilities built into our mobile devices are amazing and make it so we’re able to consume e-learning just about anywhere. Mobile is the new norm. So why not make your course feel mobile-tastic?

Details about the Halloween game

The game aims to transform learning into a fun process. It includes 3 puzzles and a quiz based on the information presented during the game. The student completes the puzzle and based on information when the puzzle is done correctly then moves on the gamified quiz

To enjoy the Halloween Game click the button above.