What is the TPACK model? Do modern educators evolve by taking into consideration this way of development?

It has lately come into my attention that teachers tend to deny the use of technology due to a variety of reasons. The most commonly used is that technology transforms the lesson into something completely different than it is supposed to be. Yes, technology has the potential to transform a boring lesson into a funny one, that’s undeniable, but how teachers use it is what makes the difference between just having fun and having fun while learning at the same time.

The TPACK model explained

Mishra and Koehler created the TPACK model due to the lack of other sufficient theory to explain or guide effective edtech integration. It consists of 3 circles that represent the qualifications and abilities that an educator should pocess. The blue circle represents the knowledge of one’s content, aka the subject of expertise. The yellow circle represents the Pedagogical knowledge, which is necessary in order to develop the right strategies for managing the students and the classroom efficiently. The purple one, is about the Technological Knowledge. This one is about choosing the most advantageous tools and applications that may boost the learning process.

The tpack circle
The tpack circle

The three types of knowledge are combined within the TPACK framework.

The modern teacher should be well educated regarding the field of his expertise (content knowledge) Is this enough? What about the right pedagogical approaches regarding every individual student of his (pedagogical knowledge)? Is this enough? Well the answer is a double no. Teachers should also be able to identify and use the right technological tools which will enhance their teaching skills in order to improve the learning outcome of their students (technological knowledge)



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